Le Perroquet juif sera à Londres le dimanche 22 février 2015

Le Perroquet juif poursuit son envol et après Marseille passera par Londres

Le dimanche 22 février 2015

Lors de la Jewish Book Week 2015

Dimanche 22 février 2015 14h Kings place St Pancras Room

Entrée Libre sur réservation

Nous convions les participants à un voyage au pays des contes en anglais, en judéo-espagnol et en musique avec la participation des musiciens sépharades Rafael et Rachel Kamhi.

Jewish Book Week

Spoken Word / Sunday, 22 February 2015 – 2:00pm / St Pancras Room

The Jewish Parrot and Other Judeo-Spanish Tales is a unique book which combines striking illustrations with folk tales told in both English and Judeo-Spanish, known as Ladino. Join François Azar, who adapted and translated the tales; the Kamhis, a Sephardi family of singers from Bosnia; and illustrator Aude Samama as they rejoice in a culture which, like Yiddish, has never really disappeared.

François Azar is vice-president of the Sephardic society Aki Estamos and editor-in-chief of the Judeo-Spanish periodical Kaminando i Avlando. He founded the Ladino summer school in Paris in 2012 and Lior Press in 2013.

Aude Samama published her first comic book En série in 2002. She is also a magazine and novel illustrator. Her style is somewhere between expressionist painting and comics.

Sponsored in memory of Richard Norton